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China T300 carbon fiber UV20 UAV rolled off production line

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28 Dec 2015

The first UV20 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) body produced by Jiangsu A-Star Aviation Industry Co., Ltd (A-Star) has rolled off the production line.

This UAV has used T300 carbon fiber composite materials in the onetime forming process.

The newly offline UV20 UAV has a body length of 1.7 meters, and a wingspan of 3 meters that has no rivet in the whole body with a weight of only 5 kg. Compare with the China traditional UAV with the vehicle body made of glass fiber so that the rigidity is not sufficient. The carbon fiber material has increased its rigidity in the same weight level. In addition, the carbon fiber composite materials UAV has better advantages over the traditional aircraft manufacturing structure in term of body molding, manufacturing procedure, and production period etc...

In September this year, A-Star has accepted the UV20 UAV vehicle body upgrading and remodeling project. After the remodeling the UAV vehicle body strength and rigidity have all been greatly improved and this model has the capacity to complete various complicated tasks under even the most harsh weather conditions. 

It has been reported that UV20 UAV will be mainly used in remote control mapping, route patrol, ocean base patrol, forestry fire safety, and environment pollution monitoring fields.

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