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China will account for 30% of global wind power installed capacity in 2030

News International-French

19 Dec 2012

According to the latest "2012 Global wind power development outlook", to 2020 the wind power can supply 12% of the world's electricity needs, and will exceed 20% by 2030. Wherein, China's wind power installed capacity will account for 30% of global capacity by 2030.

International Energy Agency data shows, at the end of 2010, total accumulated wind power installed capacity reached 44.7GW and 62.3GW in 2011. It has been predicted that this number will reach 80GW by the end of this year.


The report predicts, to 2030, China wind power installed capacity will reach 279GW, accounting for 30% of the global total installed capacity, just 2 points below the EU, ranking the second in the world. At the same time, the report also predicts, to 2015, China wind power will generate 330TWh clean power, and will occupy a considerable share in China electricity market.


To this, expert predicts, to 2020, the wind power industry will provide 2.1 million jobs, triple the number created today. Stability is the essential factor to ensure the wind power industry long-term development.


According to Global Wind Energy Council Secretary General Su Siqiao, wind power will play a more important role in the future energy structure. To get full play of the wind power potential, the countries need to be aware of the dangers of climate change and the importance of wind power action to mitigate climate change, adopt positive policies, and put into immediate action, Su Siqiao said.