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China wood-plastic composite materials application in furniture industry

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8 Apr 2013

Experts from furniture industry and wood-plastic composite (WPC) materials industry have gathered together recently. They have discussed the WPC application prospect in furniture field with dozens of business representatives. They agreed that it is a ripe time for WPC materials to enter into the furniture industry.

According to the China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization (CARCU) WPC committee secretary-general Liu Jia, in recent years, the furniture industry has developed very quickly with very big growth potential. In 2011, the output value has reached more than 1000 billion Yuan (US$ 161.29 billion).

If WPC can participate even only 5% of the market share, it would bring over 50 billion Yuan (US$ 8.06 billion) market space for wood-plastic composite materials industry. At present, WPC industry annual turnover is only about 10 billion Yuan  (US$ 1.62 billion) which is a great temptation.

Liu Jia said, WPC materials enter into the furniture industry is an important part of China national wood saving program. After dozen years development, China WPC materials industry has made remarkable progress in the manufacturing process and product properties. It can fully meet the materials requirements in furniture industry.

Moreover, compared with wood and fiber board materials, WPC materials have the advantages such as anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, wear resistant, flame retardant, and environmental protections...

WPC materials Committee and furniture industry material Commission experts started cooperation just two years ago. Both sides are very optimistic about the prospects, and the related enterprises are also very enthusiasm. Therefore, Liu Jia believes that the WPC materials are facing a golden time to enter into the furniture business.

The furniture industry experts also said that China's solid wood resources are limited. And the central government has also taken strict protective measures on the forest resources. China is a furniture production and consumption power. WPC materials can be effectively applied to the furniture industry in a massive volume will have an extremely vital significance to solve the shortage problem faced in the wood furniture industry.

At the same time, because WPC materials can be conveniently made into sections, there is no need for the wood processing process, which saves labor costs, improves production efficiency. In addition, the WPC materials have another big advantage that is the WPC materials do not contain formaldehyde and other harmful gases, which provides a good solution for furniture formaldehyde emission problems.

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