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China's first all composites turboprop business jet developed

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7 May 2015

Recently, the China first all composites turboprop business jet has been developed independently by the AVIC China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (AVIC CAIGA). This type of business jet has been named as Leadair AG300 business jet.

As the fastest airplane model in the world similar single engine turboprop aircrafts, Leadair AG300 has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, fast, safe and comfortable with good economic performance. Leadair has the maximum flight speed of up to 600 kilometers, and a maximum range of up to 1850 kilometers. The aircraft made a bold attempt and exploration in the choice of materials and structure design. The airplane body is made of carbon fiber composite material with the advanced manufacturing technology. The airplane body has a usage of composite materials that exceeded more than 90%, which significantly improved performance index.

As the representative of single turboprop business jet, Leadair AG300 has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, and good economic performance. Therefore, it is also positioned as light private aircraft upgrade. At the same time, AVIC CAIGA has have strict design requirements for Leadair AG300in reliability, safety, aircraft maintenance characteristics, quality control and other aspects. During the R&D process, AVIC CAIGA has mastered many key design and manufacturing technology for composite materials aircraft.

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