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China's new materials industry development plan released

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1 Mar 2012

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) formally issued the "new materials industry development 12th Five-Year Plan"

It is the first time in China for national new materials industry planning which signifies the importance of the new materials industry in the country’s economic system. There are over 100 enterprises participated in the preparation of new materials industry plan, and more than 800 experts directly involved; and the preparation lasted for two years.

According to the "Plan", during the 12th 5 year period, China new materials industry output value will reach 2 trillion Yuan, with an average annual growth rate of over 25%. New materials, product support capabilities reaches 70 percent, key new materials support capabilities reaches up to 50%, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, corrosion resistant steel and other key products achieves large-scale industrialization.

The emphasis on the development of the "plan" includes special metal functional materials, high-end metal structure materials, advanced polymer materials, new inorganic non-metallic materials, high-performance composite materials and cutting-edge new material six major areas 20 key directions. "Plan" put forward a series of products, technologies and equipments from the perspective of the guidance of the development of new materials industry and around the "12th Five-Year Development Goals. Strengthen with the converge of overall planning of the strategic emerging industries, industrial restructuring and upgrading, at the same time, plan pay attention to the coordination of new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries and traditional industries.


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