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China's total imports of glass fiber roving significant decrease in first quarter

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7 Jun 2012

According to statistics, the first quarter this year, China's total imports of glass fibers and products is 49500 tons, amounted to US$ 205 million, decreased by 15.46% and 12.33% year-on-year. 

The most evident decline was in the glass fiber roving, fall by 69.51%. At the same time, other glass fiber net, mat, board, and chopped glass fiber imports have increased.


Experienced in 2011 imports continued decline, in January 2012, import volume reached 12786 tons, in February began to pick up; March import volume reached 20031 tons, back to the level in March 2011.


The average import price in 2011 year reached $4882/ton and then tends to be stabilized. In March this year, the average import price is $3948/ ton, appeared apparent fall after a rise.


Along with the glass fiber industry development, China's glass fiber products competitiveness in the international market will be enhanced continuously. The imports continued to fall across the board will be the inevitable trend in the future.


From the analysis of the imported products, the vast majority are products cannot be produced within China. Those products normally have high additional value, and should be the direction for the domestic export enterprises.


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