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The Chinese carbon fiber enterprises is operating under-capacity

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6 May 2015

At present, there are Weihai Tuozhan Fiber Co., Ltd, Hengshen Co., Ltd., Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd and other leading enterprises have the production capacity that can reach more than 20,000 tons of carbon fiber.

Shenyang Zhongheng New Materials Co., Ltd chairman Liu Shufu said that, at present China has initially formed a carbon fiber industry foundation, with a technical personnel team, and the capacity of large-scale industrialization.

With the rapid development of China's carbon fiber industry, some deep-seated contradictions have also gradually been exposed. On the one hand, every year China to spend huge sums of money to import more than 10000 tons of carbon fiber products, to meet the needs of the development of the national economy; on the other hand, China's carbon fiber enterprises are operating under-production-capacity, the annual production of carbon fiber is only 2000 tons, only 01% of the production capacity is put into play while there are a large number of idle production lines.

This phenomenon happens to expose some problems during the development of the industry, mainly in the following three aspects:

The first aspect is that the backwardness of the industrial development pattern. In other countries, the carbon fiber production enterprises has established wide cooperation development and stable supply relationship with the important application fields such as automobile, aerospace and others, which formed a complete carbon fiber industrial chain. Take Japanese Toray as an example, the aerospace composite materials R & D center is set up besides the USA Boeing Company. In China, the carbon fiber research institutes, production enterprises, and the final users are separate between each other.

The second aspect is the high production cos and the low market competitiveness. Taking the GQ3522 high strength carbon fiber (equivalent to the Japanese Toray T300) as an example, the top single production capacity of the Chinese domestic carbon fiber production enterprises is 1000 tons (12K), with the specifications below 12K. There are no 24K and above carbon fiber product available in the market. The production slow running speed, less operation stations, weak equipment support ability, the low actual yield, and the poor product uniformity and stability, resulting high production costs of domestic products with poor market competition ability.

The third aspect is the international industry giants deliberately suppress the Chinese domestic production enterprises. In recent years, the price of the carbon fiber products sold to China has declined. In 2010, the 12K T300 products sold at 240,000.00 Yuan (US$ 40,000.00) / ton, in 2012, the price has dropped to 120,000.00 Yuan (US$ 20,000.00) / ton. This price declining curve is coincidentally corresponding to the Chinese investment in carbon fiber construction. If there is no domestic enterprises to invest in the construction, the price of foreign products will not fall so fast.

At present, due to the above three main aspects, the Chinese carbon fiber enterprises are facing a loss situation, for each ton of carbon fiber produced, the Chinese companies will suffer about 30,000.00 Yuan to 40,000.00 Yuan (US$ 5,000.00 to 5,166.67) losses so that most of the enterprises have to greatly reduced the production or stop the production completely.

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