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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Jiangsu Hengshen Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd

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18 Sep 2012

Recently, Premier Wen Jiabo paid an on-site inspection to Jiangsu Hengshen Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. Premier Wen first visited the carbide factory production line, inspected the design, development, production status of their carbon fiber composite material and its related products.

At present, the company already has a complete carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite products industry chain. Their 3 production lines can be produced about 7 tons of carbon fiber products per day.


This has established the initial formation of a major research and development, production base for China carbon fiber and composite materials industry. The premier requested the company "to accelerate China's carbon fiber independent R & D and industrialization process".


From the beginning of 2006, Hengshen has conducted an one year long wide spreading and thorough investigation on carbon fiber industry, and entered into the development in this field in 2007. After 5 years of efforts, it has been able to achieve mass production.


And through the national quality supervision and inspection center certification, Hengshen carbon fiber products have reached the international first-class level. It currently actively grasps the domestic and foreign market orientation, aims at the world-class enterprises, to stretch and expand the industrial chain.


Premier Wen said, carbon fiber research must combine with market applications. As a new type in the materials industry, company must exert the research products and application development, so that make the products to occupy the market. Enterprises have good benefits, which in turn increase the scientific and technological research and development, realize carbon fiber sustainable development.


Hengshen is a high-volume, vertically integrated carbon fibre and composites manufacturer. It was founded in 2007, to meet the growing demand for advanced composite materials in the aerospace, automobile, marine, renewable energy and industrial markets, particularly in the rapidly growing market for advanced composites in the Asia-Pacific region. Hengshen’s Engineering Services team helps clients understand materials and develops customized solutions, thus enabling clients to offer higher value to their customers.