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Chinese sport Lining applied carbon fiber in the new shoes

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11 Jul 2014

Lining is a Chinese famous sportswear brand known as Chinese Nike. In order to ensure the high running stability during the longitudinal motion, the Lining design team has added carbon fiber in their new products.

According to research, each 1 grams weight reduction of running shoes can reduce 560 grams weight per kilometer during running. Lining ultra-light series is the product line that has the most technology accumulation and longest R & D time. Up to now, this line of products has lasted for over 9 years. In 2013, this product line has evolved into the 10th generation.

Through two years of R&D practice, in 2013, the Lining design team has launched the Ultra-light 10th generation with new changes. They have added carbon fiber in their new products. Carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight and high anti-shock strength characteristics. At the same time, this material also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, and corrosion resistance. Previously, it has been used in aircraft, rockets, industrial robots and other sophisticated products.

In Ultra-light 10th generation, the carbon fiber was attached longitudinally to the shoe central body, interleaved with TPU horizontal protection band, formed a strong "+" shaped stable system. This system firmly fixed the food with the shoe during the running movement. It maintains the comfort and at the same time, effectively tackles with the high strength friction. This design makes the overall shoe upper vamp to fit the feet upper surface perfectly with its simple and light structure that provides effective protection and support. This allows the runner to feel a better stability and comfort while experiencing the running delights.

In addition, Ultra-light 10th generation has also used a large number of the classic design and materials. The classic FormEVAlite technology platform has introduced the newly upgraded Bounse Plus technology. This can once again reduce the running shoes bottom weight. The above technology combination makes an odd shoe to weigh only 212 grams.

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