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Chomarat certified EN 9100:2009 for aerospace industry

News International-French

12 Oct 2012

Chomarat has obtained the certification EN 9100:2009, "Quality Management standard for the aerospace industry."

This European Standard defines specific performance and customer satisfaction requirements for the aerospace industry to meet precise quality goals. « Security concerns are high in aerospace, they are also synonymous with important business issues. This certification EN 9100 is a real opportunity to strengthen Chomarat’s presence on this market and further develop our carbon range » said Michel Cognet, Group CEO Chomarat.


C-PLY™ an extanded range:

  • C-PLY™ Bi-Angle is an unbalanced thin ply bi-axial carbon reinforcement (non-crimp fabric, or NCF) with shallow angles (
  • C-PLY™ Bi-Angle allows exceptional weight savings up to 30% compared to a standard carbon production.

Meeting the demands of aerospace builders and equipment manufacturers, C-PLY™ Bi-Angle Thin Ply allows optimization of all composite aerospace parts. ˝In aeronautics, thin plies (50-75 g/m²) in C-PLY™ Bi-Angle are a key element in its performance for parts such as aerospace fuselage components.” explains Michel COGNET. Other parts, like beams, can also benefit from this multiaxial assembly at shallow 20° or 30° angles, which allows exceptional weight savings – up to 30% compared to a standard carbon construction.


In the aviation sector, this material is being tested in parts like wings and wing components. A helicopter part has already been produced by VX Aerospace (USA) using Chomarat C-PLY™ Bi-Angle. The research team is currently working on the project of a demonstrator for a lightweight sport aircraft incorporating all these innovations.