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Chomarat launches Oflex Design

News International-French

14 May 2013

The engineered textile specialist Chomarat Group is expanding its range of coated fabrics with a new reinforcement impregnated with a flexible thermoplastic.

Oflex Design is a coated composite reinforcement that offers new design possibilities and high performance for the baggage, luxury accessory and telephone industries, among others.

High-performance fibres and new design possibilities

“Oflex Design is the result of synergy between textile expertise for composites and coating technology skills. Chomarat is one of the only market players with a command of both technologies, and this dual expertise is what makes it possible to obtain very strong fabrics with great design potential,” says Philippe Chomarat, manager of Chomarat’s Plastics business line.

It consists of a glass, aramid or carbon fabric or multiaxial impregnated with a flexible, translucent thermoplastic matrix. The concept enables a broad range of combinations between a weave (plain, twill, satin, multiaxial) and a material (glass, aramid, carbon or hybrid).

“Oflex Design makes it possible to offer our customers a unique, customized engineered textile, with a matchless weight/mechanical properties ratio compared to traditional concepts, thanks to the use of high-performance fibres,” says Philippe Chomarat.

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