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Chomarat opens North America facility for carbon reinforcements

News International-French

28 Oct 2014

Opening ceremony for Chomarat's advanced composite facility in South Carolina marks group’s expansion into the carbon business.

The company has just celebrated the opening of its 58,500ft2 factory in South Carolina. This new plant will specialize in developing Chomarat’s advanced composite business and is equipped with a Liba Max5 100-inch (variable width) machine designed to produce carbon, spread-tow, multiaxial reinforcements and carbon looms.

This new production capacity will enable the company to offer innovative solutions in advanced composite textiles throughout the United States in the industrial, automotive and aerospace markets. 

C-PLY offers significant advantages to the aerospace and automotive industries. “Chomarat has a unique ability to use 50k large tow carbon fiber to make 100 g/m2 fabrics with virtually no defects. This overall quality capability makes Chomarat’s advanced composite textiles ideal for the most demanding applications, including visual quality surfaces. This is important for most of our customers, but it is a driving force in automotive structures and in the luxury markets for example,” says Michel Cognet, Chomarat’s General Manager.

Growth strategy to support the Group’s business development
This new facility confirms both the Group’s development strategy and Chomarat's collaborative R&D strategy, sparked back in 2011 by an encounter with Professor Steve Tsai of the University of Stanford. The opening marks an important stage in the company’s global expansion into the advanced composites market.

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