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Chongqing first large-scale wind power project put into production

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8 Aug 2013

Recently, Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced that Chongqing first 2000 kilowatts models wind farm has recently put into operation, marking that Chongqing has entered into a stage of large-scale wind power construction.

China Guodian Shi Zhu Shi Zi Ping wind farm project reached 49,500 kilowatts of total installed capacity. In this wind farm, a total of 25 wind turbines have been installed with a total investment of about 492 million Yuan (US$ 82 million).

It is understood that after completion, the project is expected to provide annually 100 million KWHs clean electricity and a sales income of 61 million Yuan (US$ 10 million). It can save 45,000 tons coal per year and reduce about 118 tons soot emissions, about 374 tons SO2 emissions, about 298 tons NO2 emissions, and about 80,000 tons CO2 emissions.

China wind power equipment manufacturing scale effectively reduced the cost. The wind turbine price has been reduced from 6,000 Yuan per kilowatt (US$ 1000.00) to about 3,700 Yuan (US$ 511.67). This greatly reduced the cost of wind power construction.

Chongqing will take the Shi Zi Ping wind farm commissioning completion as an opportunity to promote wind power industry.

During the "12th Five Year" period, Chongqing plans to construct 14 new wind farms, mainly in:

  1. Shi Zhu
  2. Wan Sheng
  3. Feng Du
  4. Wu Shan
  5. Yun Yang
  6. Wan Zhou
  7. Feng Jie

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