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Chromaflo presents its versatile pigment paste portfolio for multiple polyester applications

News International-French

29 Jun 2015

The independent global supplier of pigment and chemical dispersions for the thermoset and coatings industries, will present a broad portfolio for the thermoset industry.

Specialized pigment pastes for unsaturated polyester, epoxy, polyurethane and plasticizer applications as well as chemical thickeners and inhibitor additives will be presented at Composites Europe Stuttgart, 22-24 September 2015.

The focus will be on the Plasticolors CF line consisting of organic and inorganic pigments dispersed in a monomer free, unsaturated polyester resin. The CF line offers a broad selection of pigment dispersions based on many different pigment chemistries and a universal resin to satisfy individual needs. Chromaflo’s core strength is assisting customers in making the right selection to achieve the best balance between cost and performance. Chromaflo’s colorants aren’t just a color, they add functionality. Durability and physical properties can be enhanced.

Chromaflo Technologies’ portfolio furthermore includes the EDC-ND line for epoxy applications, the DTP line for plasticizer applications and the UPL and DL lines for polyurethane pultrusion and processes. All products are solvent free and based on REACH compliant raw materials.

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