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CIMComp publishes findings from UK capability mapping and equipment register activities

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29 May 2013

The Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites (CIMComp) has completed a survey to understand the UK academic capability in composites manufacturing.

A total of 18 institutions across the UK have been identified as being significantly active in composites manufacturing research. The purpose of the capability mapping exercise is to better understand UK capability in composites manufacturing research, construct an equipment register to facilitate better utilisation (minimise repeat purchase of large capital equipment) and determine what additional centralised large capital equipment will best serve UK composites research.

The information presented on the CIMComp website provides an overview for each of the 18 institutions, detailing areas of expertise, personnel size, industry sectors, principal partners and unique equipment. A separate table lists the areas of research activity based on research topic and research area for each institution.

An equipment register for the 18 institutions has also been created using Kit-Catalogue software and can be accessed via a link on the CIMComp Resources webpage. This service is open to everyone and provides a completely transparent view of the UK composites equipment landscape in order to help support research applications more effectively and to encourage collaborative activities. The view is that this register becomes the first port of call for industry and academia when looking to conduct collaborative research and/or gain access to unique equipment to facilitate R&D.

“Extensive consultation and site visits have been performed in order to accurately capture the UK academic composites manufacturing community. We also plan to list the capabilities and equipment from the various Technology Centres such as NCC, AMRC and NiACE. We will ensure that this register remains current and best serves the UK composites community by continued consultation and site visits”, comments Dr Peter Schubel, National Centre Manager.

About the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites:
The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites will be the focus for fundamental innovative composites manufacturing research in the UK, underpinning the development of next-generation composites manufacturing processes based on low cost, short cycle times, efficiency and sustainability. Operating across a number of the leading academic centres of excellence in the field, linking to the National Composites Centre (NCC) and supported by major composites producers and users, the Centre will provide a platform for developing fundamental composites manufacturing science and promoting its rapid exploitation by industry.

The Centre, led by the University of Nottingham, aims to deliver a co-ordinated programme of research at four of the leading universities in composites manufacturing, namely the Universities of Nottingham, Bristol, Cranfield and Manchester.

This programme provides a hub for industrial focused development of innovative composite materials manufacturing technology, and its associated exploitation.