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CIMPA equals ten years of steady growth

News International-French

11 Aug 2011

CIMPA, a company that provides specialised services in the field of product lifecycle management (PLM), has just celebrated its tenth anniversary.

(Published on April 2006 – JEC Magazine #24)


CIMPA was created in 1995 as a spin-off of the EADS Corporate Research Centre, to provide a link between research and hands-on applications. The company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIRBUS SAS in 2003. The expertise of CIMPA’s engineers and technicians is in technical information systems (TIS). It extends throughout the industrial product life cycle and includes consulting and training, as well as developing, integrating and rolling out TI systems. With more than 400 employees in Europe and customers in the aerospace, automotive, equipment, railway and marine sectors, the company is a leading player in its market.



Supplying PLM services


The global environment is getting more and more competitive, so being able to optimise a product’s added value throughout the product’s life cycle is a constant challenge in manufacturing circles. CIMPA’s business is to address these needs and objectives by providing innovative services and solutions in product life-cycle management. PLM is an across-the-board strategy that allows managing all the data on a product, from its design and manufacturing processes through to after-sales service. The objective is to reduce costs and production lead times and to improve quality and company performance.


For a more efficient approach, CIMPA experts have a multidisciplinary culture that combines mechanical and computing know-how. They are as able to dialogue with engineering/design and production departments as with computer teams.


1995: Creation of CIMPA as a spin-off of the EADS Corporate Research Centre, to provide a link between research and hands-on applications.
2001: Expansion to the European market creation of a subsidiary in Hamburg (CIMPA GmbH).
2003: CIMPA becomes a subsidiary of AIRBUS SAS.
2005: Consolidation in the European market creation of a subsidiary in Bristol (CIMPA Ltd.).


Comprehensive activities


At first, CIMPA specialised in computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), but diversified its areas of expertise over the years. Today, it provides services and solutions for the entire production chain. Its services include consulting, development, support, training and third-party application maintenance (TPAM). It also has operations in analysis, CAD, electronic data transfer (EDT), enterprise resource planning (ERP), document engineering, industrial computing, computer-aided process engineering (CAPE) and robotics, computer modelling, new technologies, production data management (PDM) and post-processors.


Multisectorial skills


CIMPA’s growth is also due to its customers’ diversification. The company now proposes competitive solutions to the entire manufacturing world, and 30% of its turnover is generated by business with companies outside the Airbus group, such as Air France, Bouygues Telecom, CEA, CNES, Dassault, DCN, EADS CCR, EADS ST, EDF, Eurocopter, Framatome, GIAT Industries, Michelin, Peugeot, Renault, Siemens VDO, Snecma, Sogerma, Thales and Total.


A European objective


CIMPA pretty much covers the whole of France, supported by its Paris and Toulouse technical platforms and its three offices in Bordeaux, Marseille and Nantes. At the same time, the company is pursuing its international growth. In 2001, it created its first international subsidiary in Germany and a second one in Great Britain last year (2005). CIMPA has also recently gained a foothold in the Spanish market.