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Circle Creek Holdings purchases fiber tech firm Innegra

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20 Sep 2011

Circle Creek Holdings, LLC announced on the 19th of September the purchase of the assets of Innegra™ (formerly INNegRITY). The newly renamed company will continue its research and manufacture of its proprietary high-performance Innegra™ S and Innegra™ fibers.

The market-leading Innegra™ S technology provides a significant reduction in weight for composites while increasing the ability to absorb energy when combined with other fibers.


In addition to continuing its ongoing research and continued development of the Innegra™ fibers, the company has already begun a corporate restructuring process that promises to better focus the company on customer needs while further investing in research and development in order to maximize performance of Innegra™ fibers.


“We are excited to offer existing Innegra™ customers a higher level of service and quality of product while continuing to develop the Innegra fiber line,” said Circle Creek CEO Robert Castellani. “We have a great plan and the right team in place to ensure our global customers can be confident about our long-term commitment to the Innegra™ product line and to continued development of this revolutionary fiber to meet their future needs and requirements.”


The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility will remain in Greenville, SC, taking advantage of the region’s world-renowned fiber and high-tech talent pool and the proximity to high-tech research partners such as the South Carolina Research Association (


“SCRA congratulates the Circle Creek group on their most recent investment,” said SCRA Executive Vice President of Business Development Ambrose Schwallie. “Companies like Innegra not only create jobs but also improve South Carolina’s technical expertise and further our state’s reputation as a global leader in high-tech fiber solutions. We look forward to working with Innegra to commercialize their innovative processes, further their mission, and spur economic growth in the state.”



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