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CNC composite plate saws for production of test specimens & production parts

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12 Mar 2014

Sharp and Tappin's CNC composite plate saws modernize the production of test specimens & production parts. They achieve fast, accurate, repeatable production of components, with an good surface finish.

Test specimens and components can be produced from a diverse range of materials and require little to no post finishing. The conversational CNC system is easy to program, with part programs making repeat production effortless.

This composite plate saws have been developed in collaboration with a consultant with over 10 years experience in the composite industry. Prototypes have been put through rigorous testing with daily use at local test lab Composite Test and Evaluation Ltd. The companuy recently installed a customised composite plate saw for Augusta Westlands and have interest in the use of our machines from the National Composite Centre.

Material capabilities
The company developed Dry Cutting Techniques for most materials and an innovative tracking coolant option for wet cutting.
• Carbon / Glass composites
• Aluminium plate
• Aluminium honey comb
• Thermo plastics
• Hybrid materials

Composite plate saws are fully enclosed machines with rigid construction. The balanced spindle, brushless servo motors, ball screws and precision linear guides enable precise control of the spindle speed, feed speed and position preventing blade dig-in and vibration.

- CNC Cross Cut (X Axis)
The rigid blade carriage carries the spindle under the bed table. Brushless servo motor, ball screw and precision linear guides allow accurate speed and position control of the blade with programmable cut length.

- CNC Material Fence (Y Axis)
Material is attached to the fence using the foot operated pneumatic clamps. Once clamped to the fence the machine has positional control over the material in the front to back (Y) dimension. This allows accurate and repeatable parts to be automatically manufactured to a programmed size.

- Blade Height Control (Z Axis)

Motorised Blade Height Control
The blade height is adjusted manually on the standard version using control panel buttons.

CNC Blade Height Control
With the Z axis servo option the blade height can be programmed for the optimum approach angle for a particular material, and this can be stored in the part parameters. CNC blade height control gives much greater machine flexibility and significantly increases throughput.

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