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CNPC Jilin commercial carbon fiber market development

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15 Aug 2012

CNPC Jilin increased commercial carbon fiber new product market development, continue to tap the market potential.

According to July 3rd statistics, CNPC Jilin commercial carbon fiber market sales increased by 35.7% year on year.


CNPC Jilin Sales Departments probed into the forefront of the market. They put their main energy into direct contact with the application field customers. They targeted for the research on domestic carbon fiber demand from the downstream industry.


The uninterrupted development and analysis on the carbon fiber industry chain have been carried out in CNPC Jilin’s marketing activities.


At the same time, in view of 285 enterprises in the industry chain, they undertook business communication. They have visited 179 of the carbon fiber production and application enterprises to carry out field investigation. The coverage of the field research on carbon fiber downstream direct applications has been more than 90%.


Through face to face communication, CNPC Jilin has established and maintained a stable and cooperative relation with larger scale users in Fujian Xiamen, Shandong Weihai, Jiangsu Sheyang and Changzhou, and other places in the industry. Therefore, CNPC Jilin commercial carbon fiber sales realized a huge increase.



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