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CNR 3MW land and water wind turbines finished assembly

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11 Sep 2012

Recently, CNR land & water Wind Turbine CWT3000 (3MW) successfully finished assembly in the CNR wind power industrial park.

This wind turbine is developed base in the digestion and absorption of 1.5MW and 2MW technology and the successful operation experience. This wind turbine is doubly-fed variable speed variable pitch wind turbine for land and water.


Its static reactive power compensation function can improve the power system stability. It has low voltage and zero voltage rid through ability and good adaptability to power grid.


At the same time, the wind turbine remote on-line monitoring system can run real-time monitoring to the key components, so early detection of defects and faults can ensure timely response.


The whole blade aerodynamic performance optimization design is carried out. Its wind energy utilization coefficient reached 0.496; and the rated wind speed is 10.7m/s. In the low wind speed stage, the power generation efficiency remains high. It is suitable for installation in terrestrial, marine and intertidal area. It has a wide range of regional adaptability.



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