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Co-creation in wind works

News International-French

28 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - DSM, 3B, Siemens Wind Power and DTU Wind Energy propose a new-to-the-world composite system for making wind turbine blades, featuring easy blade manufacturing, low weight, high stiffness, and excellent resistance to fatigue.

This material system is being evaluated by Siemens Wind Power for its next-generation wind turbine blades.

The system is based on DSM’s Beyone™ 201-A-01, a resin that is styrene-free, cobalt-free (based on BluCure™ Technology), and 40% bio-based. It offers faster resin infusion, zero styrene emissions, and requires only limited post-cure. The system also incorporates 3B’s novel SE3030 glass rovings. Through an optimized sizing applied on the glass filaments, an excellent fibre/resin interaction is obtained, resulting in improved composite properties for long-lasting blade operation.

For wind turbine suppliers, the new composite system provides many benefits, including a major reduction in blade manufacturing cost and an increased process output. Peace-of-mind is what the new system brings to energy providers, as the resilient material system allows making stronger blades that enable wind turbines to produce energy day after day.

The partners were able to demonstrate that through co-creation a complex technology can be evaluated at record speed and prepared for live application in line with market requirements.

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