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A collapsible carbon fiber travel guitar

News International-French

2 Dec 2015

Journey Instruments, the creator of the Overhead series of collapsible travel guitars, introduces a series of colored-top carbon fiber models to its line of collapsible travel guitars designed to meet Airlines' carry-on luggage size and weight requirements.

Whether a frequent-flyer business professional, or a traveling artist, now the hassle of traveling with a great sounding guitar on an airplane is eliminated. The TSA-approved travel case safely encloses the guitar within 22" x 14" x 9" backpack with ergonomically designed pockets for laptops, tablet computers, pedals, cables, accessories, and clothing. Practically everything needed for a business trip or live performance can fit within the overhead bin requirements. No more anxiety about checking-in, carry-on, extra luggage costs, or lost and damaged checked instruments.

The OF660 Overhead Carbon Fiber guitare is available in different colors including burgundy, navy, pearl white, burnt orange and black.

Also referred to as an indestructible travel guitar, the carbon fiber Overhead is now the choice of many who play an acoustic instrument & travel due to it's incredible strength, resilience to the elements (heat, humidity & pressure) as well as it's ability to carry a clear resonant tone with surprising volume and bass. Carbon Fiber guitars have existed for many years, but never has there been one that sounds so good, yet features a patented collapsible neck system to fit within a backpack with room for gear for stress-free travel whether it be on a backpacking trip, motorcycle ride, boat outing or a flight.

The relatively small body size is able to carry a full sound through the use of a Manzer wedge and a Scoopaway (scooped-cutaway), which increases the air volume while keeping the top of the guitar close to the body for comfort. The Carbon Fiber Overhead features numerous ergonomic design enhancements including a back rib bevel, an armrest bevel, and a thin profile neck.

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