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Collin Beers appointed manager of Aircraft & Spacecraft division at NLR

News International-French

17 Feb 2014

Mr Collin Beers (born 1974) has been appointed as manager of the Aircraft & Spacecraft division of the National Aerospace Laboratory of the Netherlands (NLR), with effect from 15 February 2014.

He is succeeding Mr Bas Oskam, who is leaving NLR to enjoy his retirement after 37 years of service to the company.

Mr Beers studied aerospace engineering at Delft University of Technology and joined NLR in 1998. His first position at the company was that of Air Traffic Management & Airports R&D Engineer. In 2006 he was appointed Business Manager of the Air Transport division, and he has been Head of the Air Traffic Management & Airports department since 2010.

Collin Beers has a deep knowledge of the industry, and has gained extensive experience in applied aerospace research for both the public and private sector. Collin attaches great importance to close collaboration between the private sector, the public sector and knowledge organisations like the NLR. NLR is constantly working to promote the innovative strength and operational effectiveness of both the private and public sector. They do this by developing and operationalising advanced aerospace technology. As a knowledge organisation, they always need to listen closely to the private and public sector so that they can jointly devise solutions for the issues of today and the challenges of tomorrow.