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Coloured carbon fiber

News International-French

3 Jul 2014

GPFone launches Hypetex, a coloured carbon fiber.

After seven years of research and development, engineers from the world of Formula 1 have created a coloured carbon fibre composite that is light, bright, bold and strong, making it a material for use in a number of industries from motoring and motor sport to cycling and design.

Following an invitation from the UK department of trade and industry, Hypetex is exhibiting its latest developments at the Driving Technological Change exhibition at the Silverstone Race Circuit. This will be followed by a display in the F1 Paddock Club throughout the British Grand Prix.

Automobile manufacturers around the world are in discussions to use Hypetex in their current and future car designs. Now, other companies in a variety of industries are set to follow suit.

The carbon fibre industry is still growing at a fast rate, with annual production of the material up to 44,000 tonnes a year. This is set to treble over the next six years as carbon fibre becomes easier to manufacture and distribute. With the introduction to the market of Hypetex, which is produced by UK-based GPF One, a new world of possibilities for carbon fibre has opened up.

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