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COMAC-Beijing awards a new contract to Tecnatom

News International-French

10 Jun 2014

China’s passenger aircraft manufacturer awards Tecnatom with a new contract for the supply of ultrasonic inspection equipment.

The Chinese company selected Tecnatom to provide state-of-the-art inspection systems for the Chinese manufacturer’s composites research centre in Beijing.

Specifically, the system includes two robots mounted on linear tracks and capable of performing ultrasonic inspections by transmission (TTU) and pulse-echo, thereby incorporating up to 14 axes, this guaranteeing complete control of the parts. The flexibility of the robot-operated system supplied by Tecnatom allows the robots to work in collaboration (performing TTU inspections) or independently, performing inspections based on the pulse-echo technique. At the same time, the system includes an automatic tool changer aimed at enhancing the productivity of the inspection system, allowing the different headers or modules incorporated by the robots during the inspection process to be replaced automatically. The company will also supply its data acquisition and trajectories generation software packages, both designed in-house. This suite of software and hardware items constitutes one of the most innovative and efficient ultrasonic inspection data acquisition systems currently available on the market.

In 2010, Tecnatom gained the trust of COMAC, through its French subsidiary Metalscan, for the supply of another ultrasonic inspection system, also based on industrial robots, for the control of metallic and composite parts at the Chinese giant’s plant in Shanghai.

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