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COMAC C919 composites rear fuselage strength static and fatigue tests finished

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28 Dec 2012

Recently C919 aircraft rear fuselage strength study has been completed successfully in AVIC Aircraft Strength Research Institute (Strength Institute).

This success marks the completion of the 19 months strength research and static fatigue test project on the C919 aircraft composite rear fuselage, one of C919 seven components.


C919 composite aircraft rear fuselage strength study and static fatigue test contains a total of 9 load cases 12 conditions static tests and rear pressure box 150000 times of pressure fatigue and damage tolerance tests.


In May 4th, 2011, C919 composite rear fuselage test section piece delivered to AVIC Aircraft Strength Research Institute.


Strength Institute immediately gathered all the professional force in finite elements analysis, nondestructive testing, control survey, loading tests, and emergency paste piece. The Institute has carried out standardized operation in accordance with the airworthiness requirements.


At different stages according to the task situation the corresponding human and material resources have been allocated, and the test and data analysis has been progressed smoothly. They have pushed forward with extreme focus ant attention to the details to advance the aircraft C919 test task.


After many twists and turns, finally in December 4th afternoon, Strength Institute completed successfully the last high load test -- UM case 36 grade loading static test.


The successful completion of C919 composite aircraft rear fuselage section strength static fatigue test has accumulated valuable experience for follow-up testing and design, and also laid a solid foundation for the C919 aircraft first flight in the near future.


AVIC Aircraft Strength Research Institute is Chinese aviation industry only Aircraft Strength Research Center and ground strength verification test base. It has functions on behalf of the state to perform new aircraft strength verification test and to give the verification conclusion.


Strength Institute mainly carries out aircraft structure technology advance research. It provides the strength design and analysis key technologies and tools for new aircrafts development, improvement, and modifications. The Institute assumes the full-scale aircraft structure ground strength tests to provide evaluation test data and conclusion for aircraft structural durability and reliability.


Strength Institute has static strength, dynamic strength, thermal strength, fatigue and reliability, environment and noise as well as the calculation mechanical professional research laboratory. The professional fields include aircraft structural static, fatigue, landing gear landing vibration, shimmy, full plane ground resonance and aircraft structure environment.


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