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Commuter Air Technology contracts with Finnoff Aviation Products to sell MT Composite Propellers

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25 Jun 2015

Commuter Air Technology (CAT), an AGC Aerospace & Defense company headquartered in Oklahoma City, announces an agreement with Finnoff Aviation Products to provide 5-blade MT Composite Propellers for King Air 90, 200 and 300 series aircraft.

Terms of the agreement grant CAT exclusive rights to sell MT Propellers to the U. S. Department of Defense customers and foreign government military sales in which the U.S. Government is the contracting and/or financing agent.

These 5-bladed natural composite propellers are at the forefront of sophisticated propeller design that enhances the performance and safety of a King Air aircraft. A smaller propeller diameter and shorter blade size reduces noise due to slower tip speeds and increases the margin of safety between the blade tip and the ground reducing prop damage. The additional surface area of a 5-blade propeller along with the slower tip speeds help to maintain smooth airflow over the blades resulting in greater thrust for takeoff and climb. These composite propellers are significantly lighter (16%) than aluminum systems, meaning a more useful load and lower engine stress and starting temperatures.

Installation of the MT Composite Propellers is as easy as bolting it on and using the existing propeller speed governor. The ability to replace a prop blade on wing at any of the 60 worldwide service centers (33 in North America) is highly desirable by customers operating in the field that need quick, yet safe installations.

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