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Compofil Product

News International-French

27 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Compofil product is a high-performance roving made of interwound continuous fiber and thermoplastic fiber. It can be used to manufacture thermoplastic composites directly with no need for extra resin.

It is suitable for various molding processes including mold pressing, vacuum molding, filament winding and more. The applications of this product include military, automotive, construction, sports and new energy industries.


Compared with traditional roving, Compofil product offer the following unique benefits: dry thermoplastic prepreg with excellent self-impregnation, short processing cycle and high productivity, excellent mechanical properties, environment-friendly production process and recyclability.


Compofil product  contain Compofil-PP, Compofil-PET, Compofil-PPS, and Compofil-fabric.



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