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CompoSIDE announces unlimited calculations for standard subscription

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23 Sep 2016

CompoSIDE Ltd., the engineering simulation and data management platform with dedicated composite design and analysis software, announces unlimited calculations now offered as standard subscription.

CompoSIDE Ltd. the engineering simulation and data management platform with dedicated composite design and analysis software, drastically improving development cycles of composites parts and products, offers unlimited analytical and analysis calculations as part of the standard subscription.

“The new subscription model with unlimited calculations helps our customers exploit all the benefits of CompoSIDE’s HPC capabilities without worrying about computational costs” says Lorenzo Bossi, Sales & Marketing Manager at CompoSIDE Ltd. “With the new model design engineers can perform more design and analysis and our clients benefit from shorter product development cycles and costs, greatly increasing their return on investment.”

Composite Materials Properties Database
CompoSIDE’s Materials Database (CMDB) is the dedicated module to management of materials data, physical and mechanical properties, including ply generation and micro-mechanics. The module supports all composites material types including adhesives, cores, fibres, matrix and plies, and also non-composites materials such as metals, woods, plywood and plastics. CMDB acts as the central database for all materials, allowing a single secure storage and an accessible platform for all usages. Designers and structural engineering teams can use materials data both within the CompoSIDE platform but also to link and retrieve data for analysis in external FEM and FEA tools with both generic and native files formats. A single storage and management platform greatly enhances data quality, eliminating uncertainties and redundant data files across multiple systems.

CompoSIDE also offers materials data as a CMDB Addon module, the materials library contains in excess of 1,200 materials and over 900 plies ready for engineering activities, all materials are fit for design and FEA containing all the necessary physical and mechanical properties.

Dedicated tools to composites engineering
CompoSIDE includes dedicated tools to build and analyse laminate stacks with powerful laminate management capabilities powered by extended Classical Laminate Theory (eCLT). Detailed laminate analytical results can be reviewed as a preliminary step, before allocating them to part or assemblies both within CompoSIDE or within most commercial generic FEA packages.

Combining local and online resources
CompoSIDE is primarily a web-based tool, users can log in to their private and secure environment from any computer and access the entire data and suite of tools. The recent introduction of the Desktop Client for 2D & 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) improves performances and response time for large and complex models. The Desktop Client combines usage of local computational resources for model editing with the power of HPC performances for running solvers and analysis tasks. Analysis jobs are automatically submitted to the CompoSIDE HPC infrastructure clearing the local machine of the long and resource intensive tasks, improving engineering productivity and reducing downtime waiting for calculations to complete.

Automated report and bill of materials generation
CompoSIDE integrates all the design steps for development of composite parts into a single platform, accessibility to this data allows automatic generation of summarised and detailed reports on laminates, composite sections and marine scantling certification reports. In addition, the system automatically generated Bill of Materials (BoM) for both engineering and manufacturing BoMs, including materials usage and wastage according to the selected manufacturing process.

CompoSIDE supports both standard report templates and user customised reports powered but a revisioning engine to ensure all project stakeholders receive up-to-date information.

Integration with external packages
CompoSIDE offers a fully integrated and streamlined design and analysis workflow while also supporting a variety of links to third party CAD and FEA software, many of which lack composites specific tools and laminate analysis capabilities. Centralised materials database management and laminate capabilities in CompoSIDE offer composite specific pre-processing for most generic Finite Element Analysis tools, improving engineering capabilities and design processes.

Pricing and availability
CompoSIDE is the only full cycle software for composites materials management, laminate calculation, beam section design and 3D FEA modelling with integrated reporting and bill of materials generation, that is affordable and ready available to companies of all sizes. CompoSIDE platform is built on SaaS model and is licenced on a quarterly or annual subscription basis with unlimited number of users. Subscriptions start at 4,000 GBP / 5,000 EUR / 6,250 USD for all core modules, free 30-days trial is available from CompoSIDE website.