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Composite formulations designed for both injection molding and extrusion applications

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22 Jan 2020

GEON Performance Solutions, a global specialist in the formulation, development and manufacturing of performance polymer solutions, is relaunching Fiberloc Composites under the new GEON brand, as well as introducing two new Fiberloc composite formulations designed for use in both injection molding and extrusion applications.

Composite formulations designed for both injection molding and extrusion applications
Both Fiberloc Optimal and Fiberloc Extreme have enhanced performance and strength as well as a new proprietary “low-wear” technology that provides up to 50 percent reduction in wear versus traditional glass composites.

Larry Shaw, Chief Commercial Officer said:

“Fiberloc was introduced in the early 1990s, and for the last three decades, it has been used primarily for molding applications. Now, GEON is delivering the next wave in composite technology – with Fiberloc solutions that meet our customers’ desire for lightweighting, strength, durability, energy efficiency and improved sustainability even with extrusion applications. And GEON’s broad Fiberloc product line ensures they can find a grade precisely suited to their unique needs.”

Fiberloc uses a patented chemical coupling that provides improved mechanical performance over typical composites while offering cost and performance advantages over wood, metal, or aluminum. Customers who partner with GEON, also gain considerable cost advantages by utilizing GEON’s material science, formulation expertise and industry-leading design services.

Fiberloc Composites
The materials offer properties similar to metal, but with advantages such as lighter weight, corrosion resistance and the ability to consolidate parts. Fiberloc Composites build on the inherent properties of vinyl adding strength, stiffness and dimensional stability for a lightweight solution for demanding applications. GEON Fiberloc Composites are significantly stronger, stiffer, more resistant to thermal expansion and contraction than traditional vinyl formulations.

  • Patented chemical coupling technology provides excellent fiber-polymer bond for improved mechanical performance over typical vinyl composites
  • Strength and stiffness significantly higher than unfilled polymers
  • Dimensional stability comparable to aluminum for applications subjected to hot/cold cycles
  • Better creep and fatigue resistance than unfilled polymers for applications under load
  • Maintains key vinyl attributes of flame, chemical and UV resistance