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Composite heating system for moulds and parts

News International-French

3 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014At JEC Paris, Niles International and Boyce Components will be demonstrating a heating technology that is easy to apply to composite moulds or parts. 

After a considerable amount of time in the development stage with aerospace companies and small tooling shops, the K-Factor Heating System is now being offered to all composite manufacturers worldwide. Capabilities of this heating system range from very low watt densities and temperatures to out-of-autoclave curing capabilities.

The heating system is composite based and can be integrated into the mould or product during construction or applied afterwards. The K-Factor Heating System offers ease and flexibility in application that allow any composite builder to take advantage of this affordable technology. Since the system is composite based, heaters can be built from multiple resin platforms such as epoxies, vinyl esters, polyesters, etc. to give the customer a range of options for integration into their composites. For many of the heater construction techniques, tools available in a standard composites facility will be adequate in constructing the heaters without the need for expensive equipment.

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