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Composite material used in locomotive cab

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11 Dec 2012

Datong Locomotive Company has overcome the locomotive cab renovation new technology using glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Datong Locomotive New Materials Products Co., Ltd completed the construction of a blue and white railway locomotive cab. The cab is different with the conventional locomotive cab as the driver chamber used a new type of patented composite material, the glass fiber reinforced plastics.


To use new composite materials instead of steel for locomotive driver cab interior overall renovation, under the premise of the same cost, the locomotive cab flame retardant, sound insulation performances have been increased substantially. At the same time, composite materials good anti-corrosion, good stress and toughness characteristics can better ensure the locomotive drivers and environmental safety coefficient.


At present, the new composite materials have been widely used in the field of automotives, and become an important index of the automotives class definition. The overseas railway high-end locomotive products have used this technology as the main technical method for driver cab internal decoration. So far, China can only apply this technology in the locomotive cab of the high speed train and some individual components.


Datong Locomotive New Materials Products President and General Manager, Ma Qiujie said, work with the universities to produce a combination of research and manufacturing is the key to the success of this novel composite decoration technology used in railway locomotives. This technology not only has stronger reliability and practicability, its visual appearance and handling comfort has also been improved. The overall effect is comparable with the upscale sedan car.


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