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Composite materials for lightweight rail component manufacture

News International-French

23 Sep 2014

Gurit introduce its expanded range of certified products for lightweight rail component manufacture; the lighter a train carriage, the faster a train can accelerate, move and brake.

The range of epoxy and phenolic prepregs and structural core materials now balance high performance, with the most stringent safety requirements for maximum passenger safety, including fire and fumes regulation EN45545.

The range now features the 120 FRS collection of high performance epoxy products, curable from 95°C, including:

  • SE 120FRS – EN45545 (R7/HL2 certified) tested epoxy prepreg
  • ST 120FRS – SPRINT version for manufacturing thick sections in one process
  • SF 120FRS – surface film compatible with PH 840 phenolic prepreg (tested to EN45545 R1/HL3)
  • SA 120FRS – epoxy resin film for core bonding

Gurit will exibit a composite seat, manufactured by DK Composites Sdn Bhd for the Malaysian Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit system serving the greater Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area at InnoTrans 2014. The seats are engineered by Gurit and feature Gurit G-PET FR, Gurit’s fire retardant structural core and PH 840 phenolic prepreg. Gurit will also be showcasing a lightweight composite wheel cover from the new ‘Swing’ tram manufactured by PESA in Poland, also using Gurit G-PET FR, as well as Gurit’s ST 70FR low temperature curing fire retardant epoxy SPRINT.