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Composite motorcycle helmets coming out of China

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13 Aug 2011

Motorcycle helmets are of utmost importance to all drivers. They can mean the difference between life and death in a serious accident and more frequently it is becoming the law of the land that they must be worn at all times. Needless to say, this is a growing market.

(Published on July 2006 – JEC Magazine #26)


Fibreglass and carbon fibre are now the standard in today’s motorcycle helmet industry. They offer good protection and make helmets lighter, allowing for more mobility. In China, helmets of all variations are increasingly turning towards composites to satisfy a booming economy.


Product detail


Zhejiang Meiyu Motorcycle Fittings Co’s open half helmet is a prime example of composite use in motorcycle helmets. The product has a structurally enhanced carbon fibre composite weave shell that has been shaped to make the helmet aerodynamic. Much of this was done with state-of-the-art CAD technology.



The inside is particularly comfortable thanks to a light EPS foam layer, and a removable, replaceable and washable sponge lining. The composite shell was also designed to include a ventilation system that effectively prevents fogging and overheating.


Many other helmets made by Zhejiang use the carbon fibre composite weave. In fact it is used in every helmet in their full face and open half range as well as with some motorcycle accessories. Fibre glass is also frequently used and the company has indicated that in the future it may begin producing helmets with Kevlar or HSHM PE fibre.


Zhejiang Meiyu Motorcycle Fittings Co has grown every year since 1994. Located in Wenzhou, China, Zhejiang Meiyu Motorcycle Fittings Co is primarily concerned with the manufacturing of motorcycle helmets, motorcycle tail boxes and plastic motorcycle parts. Since its foundation in 1994 the company has been compliant with ISO9001 international standards, and today has a registered capital of $4 million and employs over 400.


Chinese market growing amid favourable laws


Recently the Chinese government passed a law requiring all motorcyclists to wear a helmet while driving. While this kind of regulation had already been in place in Europe and the United States, China and many other countries in Asia for that matter had no such kind of legislation. In a country where millions drive scooters and motorcycles every day, this law could have a significant impact on the number of helmets that will be sold in the future.



Sales director at Zhejiang Meiyu, Yang Rong, believes that the price of a helmet usually deterred a poorer populace from buying one, but now as the economy improves and people have more money, more will be purchased.


He said: “Many people lost their lives in accidents, and today people are starting to understand the importance of high quality helmets. Also people are getting richer, and I believe that both of these factors will contribute to more Chinese motorists putting on helmets.