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Composite Patch – the universal composite repair system

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15 Jun 2012

JEC Asia 2012 - Composite Patch is an all-weather, error-proof and fast curing composite repair system that bonds to virtually any surface and hardens fast in the coldest weather, in the snow or even underwater. This makes composite repairs possible for any untrained user.

The system is a simple repair solution: the fibre, the epoxy resin and the hardener are all contained in a waterproof pouch – ready to mix and use. The right resin/hardener ratio is pre-dosed for each patch and they are separated by an easy-to-remove clip. The resin is yellow, the hardener is blue and the mix is green when ready to use.


Once the resin is mixed, the user removes the second clip and spreads the mix onto the fibre, then he simply cuts open the plastic and applies the repair patch like a bandage. Repairs can be performed in less than 5 minutes and 90% of the resin strength is obtained a few hours after gelling in any weather conditions. This repair system eliminates the need for resin and hardener pails, electronic scales, mixing cups, stirrers, rollers & brushes, and cleaning solvents.


Composite Patch produces and sells on-line repair patches for permanent structural repairs that combine epoxy resin with carbon or glass fibre. The company was founded by chemical engineers with large polymer R&D experience, boat-building project managers with aerospace experience, together with a leading European epoxy resin formulator.



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