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Composite Processing Measurements Survey - National Physical Laboratory

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28 Jan 2015

NPL is working on a 3-year National Measurement System (NMS) funded  project on the Development, Validation and Standardisation of Composite Processing Measurement Techniques.

This project aims to help improve the embedded quality and durability of composite materials during the production processes.

The objective will be to consider the standardisation and control of production processes using on-line, offline and post production measurement techniques such as: ply/fibre placement, resin characterisation (assessment of the degree of cure, cure shrinkage), preform characterisation (compressibility, waviness, drape, fibre volume fraction, porosity), prepreg characterisation (tack, drape, volume fraction, waviness), permeability measurements and process parameters in order to improve embedded quality.

At this stage, feedback is required to help define the current and future challenges in measurements and monitoring methods. The progress of the project, results and output will be disseminated via the Industrial Advisory Group meetings and other events. It would be very much appreciated if you could take the time to complete the survey which can be accessed from the link

Please note that the information you provide will only be used for the purposes of defining the generic measurement challenges. If you wish, you can complete the survey anonymously and there is no obligation to provide your contact details. Should you wish to have a closer interaction with the project your contact details will be required.