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Composite repair and machining using abrasive waterjet

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5 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The development of repair procedures for composite structures is becoming a major industrial issue. Classical machining processes using hand-held tools offer high adaptability but low reproducibility and accuracy. Abrasive water jet (AWJ) cutting is a young technology widely used for cutting most materials including composites.

Jedo Technologies and its R&D department have demonstrated that AWJ technology may be used in milling applications, especially for composite and repair machining. AWJ systems can machine structures with a constant depth (step lap), with low impact on the structure geometry and low residual stress. Moreover, it is possible to machine with variable depths to achieve scarf shapes. A specific procedure automatically adapts machining to the variability and defaults of the material.


Jedo Technologies is now equipped with a 5-axis water jet machine.



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