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Composite Research Network (CRN) node created at CIC

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22 Aug 2012

The CIC is now engaged as the Manitoba Node of the newly created Composite Research Network.

The CRN was established in January 2012 and is a Western Canadian network based at The University of British Columbia.  It has as its mandate the creation, documentation, and dissemination of composite materials knowledge by linking academic and research organizations to industry.  The CRN will provide industry partners with Knowledge in Practice Documents (KPD) whose purpose will be to improve upon existing design and manufacturing processes, understand and systematically overcome repetitive manufacturing issues and enable the pursuit of new business opportunities.  Examples of Industry driven KPD needs are:

  • Composite Design and Analysis
  • Material and Process Selection
  • Tool Design and Usage
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Quality Verifications

Dr. Jose Cid co-located with the CIC in July, and is the first CRN staff member in Winnipeg.  The CRN will quickly ramp up to two Researchers and three Students this Fall.  The CIC will leverage its knowledge and capabilities by linking existing and future collaborative industry driven projects to CRN KPD generation.  This collaborative CIC-CRN effort will result in an increase in both capability and capacity to support our mutual industrial partners as they develop and improve their composite businesses.