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Composite resins preserve images of endangered sea life

News International-French

25 Jul 2011

A Danish company uses Polylite® 440-M850 resin to fabricate “sea monsters,” which are actually identical replicas of endangered sea-life species.

(Published on June-July 2005 – JEC Magazine #18)


VI Design and Decoration APS is a family-owned Danish business that started in 1978 on a small island. It produces composite replicas of sea animals such as fish, sharks or crabs, using Reichhold resins and fibre optics. The company’s approach has made it very popular among fans of sea life. “Today, wildlife is often threatened and many sea animals are nearly extinct,” says Vagn Iversen, the owner of the company. “We came to the idea of producing replicas to preserve the images of those species. In the beginning, we tried products from some other resin suppliers, but we were not satisfied, as we experienced problems with curing times. Then I went to a seminar on the promotion of new resins in the market. Some of the windmill builders from Nordics recommended Reichhold products. When I returned home, I called them and ordered test samples.” Five years ago, VI Design and Decoration APS began using Polylite resins and has stayed with these products ever since. “It is a very comfortable material to work with,” Vagn Iversen explains. “Placing orders is very easy, and my material is always delivered on time. In addition, the technical support is easily accessible, and really good. I have been very satisfied.” One large shark measuring 12m and weighing 700kg required approximately two months of work by Mr. Iversen and his son, because all their models are handmade. This shark alone required 240kg of Polylite 440-M850 resin. According to Mr. Iversen, their key criteria in resin selection are consistent quality and predictable technical specifications, and they’ve found these in Reichhold resins. The replicas of sea animals are used in animal conservation parks, scientific centres and amusement parks.


“The quality of the resins is consistent and we are very satisfied with curing as well. The products are coated with polyester and glass fibre, so you do not need a mould. You can work directly on making the products, and that saves time and money, and enables us to make a very fine finish. The top layer can be made glossy, like what we need when we make a sea-shell, or rough, like what is necessary for a shark.”



Polylite 440-M850: features and benefits
Formerly Branded as NORPOL 440-M850
- The resin impregnates the glassfibre rapidly.
- Well suited for hand lay-up and spray-up application.
- The resin has a built-in accelerator system giving relatively long geltime and rapid curing combined with relatively low exothermic temperature and short demoulding time.
- The resin contains wax which gives the cured laminate a tack-free surface.
- The resin contains special additives which improve the working environment during and after application.