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A composite technology for flexible risers that reduces total installed costs by 20 percent

News International-French

9 May 2016

GE Oil & Gas’ flexible pipe business is undertaking an investment to develop and manufacture the next generation of flexible risers by utilizing composite technology to create a 30-percent lighter flexible pipe solution.

Composite flexible pipe expands the reach of flexible risers and flowlines into deeper waters and more challenging environments while delivering a 20-percent saving on total installed cost.

This light-weight solution is a step-change as global offshore resources shift to more remote locations with complex and demanding conditions. Flexible risers have been fundamental to the development and advancement of offshore exploration by enabling the widespread use of cost-efficient floating production units, enhancing the versatility of subsea layouts and providing benefits around installation and logistics plus effectively handling dynamic motion.

GE Oil & Gas is at the forefront of developing the standards and practices for the incorporation of carbon-fiber thermoplastic composites into flexible pipe. This development incorporates industry-wide collaboration on standards with certification agencies, joint industry projects and GE’s leading industrial network of Global Research Centers.

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