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Composite tooling material produces quality molds in less than 24 hours

News International-French

6 Nov 2015

Soul Composites announces the launch of gūrū, a patented, two-part composite tooling material capable of producing high-quality and dimensionally stable molds in the less than 24 hours.

gūrū is a patented ceramic based two-part tooling material, compromised of a unique co-polymer resin. gūrū is cost effective, durable and can be used for a variety of applications and processes.

“gūrū can be used to create tools in less than 30 minutes and parts in just 24 hours,” said Eric Strauss, Chief Technology Officer for Soul Composites. “It is unique in its ability to bond to itself, eliminating the need for a vacuum bag, pressure, oven or an autoclave.”

Its key attributes:

  • Low-cost tooling material — up to 50% cost savings on comparable tooling applications
  • Dimensionally stable with a CTE of 6 x 10-6 in/in/°F
  • High temperature, high pressure processing up to 450°F and 150 PSI
  • 24-hour tooling solution for prototype molds, light production molds, plugs and trim fixtures
  • Sweet-spot applications in advanced composites and aerospace composites

About Soul Composites:
The company is dedicated to the advanced research and development of composite tooling solutions that help you craft tools wisely. Soul Composites is a business born from innovation, enhanced by steadfast craftsmanship and perpetuated by unfiltered grit.

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