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Composites panels with thermoplastic honeycomb core and aluminium skin

News International-French

3 May 2016

EconCore, a technology provider for continuous production of honeycomb sandwich materials has developed new generation of aluminium composites panels.

Within the conventional process, a relatively thick layer of polymer is extruded in between two layers of aluminium sheet. EconCore technology allows to replace the heavy polymer layer with a thermoplastic honeycomb core which is directly laminated with metal skins. The combination of thermoplastic ThermHex honeycomb core and aluminum skins offers over 50% weight savings while the cost saving benefits are not only due to the material savings but also to enhanced efficiency (lower conversion energy and higher speeds) of the in-line integrated process.

TATA Steel recognized the benefits of combining metal skins with thermoplastics and recently launched production of steel cladded honeycomb panel under a license agreement with EconCore. This new innovative product, Coretinium will be the material of choice for the European building and transportation market segments. The steel faced thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich solution is not only lightweight but also mechanically performing and well insulating material whereas the amount of resources used is minimal.

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