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Computed laminography of CFRP components

News International-French

1 Mar 2016

Sponsored Innovation report - Fraunhofer IZFP carries out research and development activities in the field of non-destructive testing processes along the entire materials value chain

For customers in the automotive, aerospace, rail, energy, construction and agriculture industries, the institute offers a wide range of NDT expertise and technologies that are used to develop and implement material characterization, process-integrated testing, component inspection, condition monitoring and materials recovery processes and systems.

For the non-destructive examination of fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP/GFRP), computed laminography (CL) is a superior alternative to computed tomography (CT). Unlike CT, CL unlocks the examination of plane objects while keeping up high geometric resolution. CL has been successfully used to inspect electronic circuit boards for many years.

The inspection of CFRP/GFRP proves to be a recent application for CL. The use of these materials in lightweight construction for the wind turbine, automotive and aviation sectors is steadily rising. In these fields of application, components often are of large or very large dimensions.

The Fraunhofer Development Centre for X-ray technology, a department of Fraunhofer IZFP in Saarbrücken, developed the CLARA X-ray system to examine such objects. Objects up to 1.5 m width and 300 kg in weight can be examined.

CLARA is available for both services and feasibility studies for the development of customized testing equipment.

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