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Conductive Composites announces commercialization of CVD Coated conductive nonwovens

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12 Apr 2012

Conductive Composites Company is pleased to announce the development and commercialization of nickel Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coated nonwovens, with a manufacturing line expansion that doubles production capabilities.

This new product brings several advantages to the marketplace:

  • CVD coated nonwovens are lighter, thinner, and more conductive than nonwovens that are made with conductive fibers. Using the CVD method, every external surface is coated and protected, and the resistivity of the sheet can be engineered to very low levels.
  • Performance characteristics match or exceed sheets of carbon nanomaterials at a much more competitive price and in a continuous roll format.


 “We are pleased to announce the commercialization of this new product,” said Nathan Hansen, President. “CVD coated nonwovens have clear performance advantages, and we are excited to be able to provide this material in increased volumes for both our existing and developing markets. CVD coated nonwovens bring game-changing performance and significant cost savings to our customers. Our investment in capacity expansion and commercialization reinforces our commitment to bringing competitive materials to the marketplace.”

About Conductive Composites

Conductive Composites creates materials and technologies that enable electrical conductivity and electromagnetic capabilities in composites and plastics. Products from Conductive Composites are key ingredients that deliver performance for proven applications. Materials are manufactured by proprietary methods on commercial grade production lines in ISO:9001 compliant facilities. Conductive Composites is a customer-focused and continual improvement based organization that strives to exceed expectations.


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