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Contact with drinking water completely safe!

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14 Feb 2013

Sensitive to the great change that is affecting the world of drinking water transport, Lati has been developing for some years engineering plastic compounds suitable for replacement of metals such as brass in items intended to come into contact with hot and cold water.

In 2009, PA66 based LATIGLOSS structural compounds, introduced to the market in 2007, obtained the certificates of suitability for contact with water according to WRAS (hot and cold water), NSF 61 (hot and cold water), ACS, KTW, and W270 standards.

The success obtained by LATIGLOSS 66 encouraged the extension of the product portfolio intended for the specific area, and suggested the expansion of the offer especially with regard to the contact with hot water, a field in which polyamide 66 shows its limits.

The choice of the base resin for new products could only be the aromatic polyamide (PPA), with which the compounds of the LATIGLOSS 57 family are formulated.

Compared to PA66, PPA provides, in fact, an excellent resistance to hydrolytic and extractive action of hot water, even in the case of prolonged exposure over time.

In this polymer, the natural moisture absorption, which is typical of all polyamides, is very low even at high temperatures.

This aspect allows the PPA to keep its mechanical properties also when immersed as well as the item dimensions, thus eliminating the risk of leaks or failure due to the typical swelling of wet polyamide.

The compounds offered by LATI are all inspired to the concept of metal replacement, so they feature substantial structural reinforcement made of 40-60 percent glass fiber.

Eliminating metal not only to reduce costs, weight and processing, but also - and especially - to avoid any possible source of contamination and pollution: this is why replacing brass with compounds is a winner’s choice today.

Of course, this process can be performed only based on all the necessary regulatory approvals.

So LATI submitted the full LATIGLOSS 57 F2 product range with 40-60 percent reinforcement in the natural NAT: 0138 and black BLACK: 3302 versions to the various certification bodies.

Results show that LATIGLOSS 57 F2 is best suited to contact with cold and hot drinking water up to 85° C.
This compound combines very low residue values and perfect behavior as regards fungi and algae growth.

Based on the large number of certifications obtained, the LATIGLOSS 57 F2 family is a candidate to be a winning solution for the manufacture of valves, mixers, baffles, tanks, taps, connecting parts and all parts in continuous contact with cold and hot drinking water.

LATIGLOSS 57 F2 products can also be exported all over the world, since these certifications allow safe use not only throughout Europe, but also in the U.S. and wherever approvals obtained are valid.

It is worth mentioning that LATIGLOSS can not only replace metals such as steel and brass, but also more noble and expensive plastics that are already widely spread and used in this field (e.g. amorphous and high performance materials such as PSU and PEI).


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