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Cool radiators for hot trucks

News International-French

16 Apr 2011

One of the eye-catchers in the new MAN TGS and TGX driving cabs is indisputably their high-gleam radiator screen. It not only makes them look brilliant, but also improves their protection against stone chipping, increases their rigidity and gives a perfect surface to the much-stressed exterior mounting on the chunky trucks from Munich.

(Published on July-August 2008 – JEC Magazine #42)


Elastogran GmbH worked closely with Parat Automotive, Neureichenau, Germany, to find the best materials and the most suitable manufacturing technology to create this level of detail. To achieve this finish, Elastogran has chosen the LFI (long fibre injection) laminate technology using the Elastoflex E polyurethane foam system. LFI is a laminate compound technology that has proven its worth time and again in automotive construction.


For example, in engine bonnets for utility vehicles, truck roof modules or instrument panel frames – in fact for any component that needs to be both light and very rigid. In producing the MAN radiator screens, this technology offered advantages over the other systems: cost-effective manufacture on the one hand, and imaging of almost flat component geometry on the other, as well as high surface rigidity in contrast to conventional ABS grilles.


This technology also provides improved stone chipping protection and excellent heat expansion reaction in relation to adjoining components.