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Core Molding Technologies introduces two ultra-low density SMC formulations

News International-French

19 Sep 2014

The compounder of custom sheet molding compound (SMC) and molder of fiberglass reinforced plastics announced the availability of two new ultra-low density SMC formulations.

Core’s new, ultra-low density Mirilite SMC has a nominal density of 1.2, and demonstrates automotive Class A surface performance. Under suitable molding conditions, it can achieve an ALSA rating of 57-63, while weighing 37% less than traditional Class A SMC material systems. (ALSA, Advanced Laser Surface Analysis, is an industry-recognized standard for classifying the surface appearance of composites. An ALSA rating of 65 or lower indicates a Class A surface condition.) Mirilite SMC is intended for exterior applications in automobiles and heavy trucks, including hoods, door panels and trunk deck lids or other applications requiring high cosmetic appearances.

The company has also developed a lower-cost, ultra-low density SMC for utility applications that do not require premium surface appearance. Econolite SMC is a 1.18 system that evolved from the company’s highly-successful FeatherliteXL and Airilite SMC systems. This system is a less-expensive ultra-low density SMC that can find wide application in reinforcement structures and other components that do not require a high-appearance painted surface finish, but which benefit from a 38% reduction in weight compared to standard-density SMC materials.

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