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Coriolis Composites celebrates its 10th anniversary

News International-French

9 Dec 2011

Coriolis Composites has celebrated its 10th anniversary in Lorient.  Some 130 guests of various nationalities came to attend the demonstrations and various technical conferences about fiber placement.

This event has been a special occasion to open to the public some of the installations of the Composite Centre, such as:


- The 25m collaborative robotic cell with two heavy duty KR500 robots from Kuka, equipped with fiber placement system and a new generation creel;


- The fiber placement robotic cells : thermoset 16 fibre, thermoplastic laser 8 fibre and thermoset 8 fiber.



Within ten years, Coriolis Composites has earned a leading role in the aerospace industry and the company took the opportunity to thank its customers for the ground breaking progress made together.


The size of the company has grown from 3 engineers at its creation in 2001 to up to 65 late 2011. The turnover of €8 million in 2010 will exceed €10 million in 2012. After 10 years of development, Coriolis Composites has now an industrial dimension with international contracts, the creation of subsidiaries and the development of new products through its expertise in robotics, software development and composites engineering.




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