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Coriolis Composites new partner in TPRC

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10 Oct 2012

The ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC) in Enschede (The Netherlands) has entered into a long term partnership with the French company Coriolis Composites to advance tape / fiber placement technology of thermoplastic composites.

“For us, this is a next step in the forefront of composites technology”, states Mr. Alexandre Hamlyn, CTO of Coriolis. “We’ll use our long term experience in thermoplastic processing for TPRC promising projects”.
Harald Heerink, general manager TPRC, says “we are tremendously looking forward to this co-operation with Coriolis. Fiber placement is a key technology for us, and above all our partners, and we think that the combination of TPRC experts and Coriolis experts puts us in an excellent position to lead the way in laser assisted tape placement of thermoplastic tape”.


Thermoplastic composites are lightweight materials for industrial applications, such as aerospace. The application of these high tech materials is rapidly growing because they offer clear advantages versus the currently more widely used thermoset composites. Thermoplastic composites demonstrate higher toughness and offer the potential for recycling. The most striking advantage is that thermoplastic composites offer the opportunity for forming and welding at elevated temperatures, which make them suitable for high speed production techniques such as thermoform pressing and novel joining techniques such as ultrasonic and induction welding.


About TPRC:
TPRC was founded in 2009 by Boeing, Fokker, Ten Cate and the University Twente and is located in Enschede, The Netherlands. TPRC is an innovation center which is focused on researching and developing thermoplastic composite materials and technology. The research within TPRC is funded and guided by industrial members, forming a bridge between scientific and applied research. TPRC is open for new members that would like to participate in (and guide) the research program.


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