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Cosco Kansai anti icing fluorocarbon coatings applied in wind blades

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17 Sep 2012

Recently, a high performance, anti icing fluorocarbon coatings developed by COSCO Kansai Paint & Chemicals Co. Ltd. R&D center has been applied to Qinghai wind farm project.

China has a complex environment harsh climate. The result of long time operation shows that the ordinary blade coating has very bad effects which caused many unnecessary abnormal repair requirements.


The current market, most popular wind blade coating is polyurethane supporting system. During the practical application, there are premature aging and abrasion, coating peeling phenomenon. These brought hidden trouble to the wind turbine operation.


As the king of paint, fluorocarbon paint is the effective way to improve the wind turbine blade coating performance and prolong the life span of the blades.


Cosco Kansai's successful development of wind turbine blade fluorocarbon coatings is based on the Japan technology. On a full investigation of China wind field environment and actual operation, according to the actual situation in China, a special solution has been thus developed.


The product has high adhesion, high weather adaptability, high flexibility and abrasion resistance. This product has been made surface modification with nano anti icing additive, which reduced the cohesive force to the snow and ice matrix hence the turbine blade has obvious anti icing characteristics.


According to China Ministry of Science and Technology “National High Technology R & D Program” (863 Program), fluorocarbon coatings are also designated as wind turbine blades protective coatings.


Cosco Kansai fluorocarbon coatings successful application in small wind turbine blade laid a good foundation. The company will further popularize this application in the field of large blades to solve practical problems for the customers.


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